VIP Access Membership Program


“As a boy growing up in Jamaica, I recall the doctor making house calls to my late, great-grandmother’s home.  I wanted to emulate him and the many other doctors I watched in those old cowboy movies.  These were the days when physicians were called doctors not healthcare providers, when surgeons were called surgeons not proceduralists and when patients were called patients not consumers.  I decided to practice medicine the way it used to be and ought to be practiced in a more personalized way.”  Those are some of the reasons given by Dr. George Chambers for creating the VIP access membership program.

George P. Chambers, Jr., MD, FACOG is a high-quality/award-winning OB/GYN who delivers exceptional healthcare that goes beyond the considerable limits of the traditional medical system.  For the past decade he has offered both concierge and traditional OB/GYN care.

What is the VIP access membership program?

This voluntary program is also known as boutique medicine or concierge medicine.  These programs have been available in the United States since 1996.  This program allows Dr. Chambers to be more personally available and offer more services to his patients.  Whether or not you voluntarily participate in this program, you will receive the high-quality care that Dr. Chambers has always provided.  But, only the program participants will have the enhanced access as documented below.

What is included in this program?

There are many enhancements and amenities that are available to patients in this program.  The most desired and requested ones are:

  • House calls: Chambers will make reasonable house calls, which includes visits to your home or hotel room.  Note that Dr. Chambers will not participate in any planned or unplanned home and/or hotel birthing situations for safety and medico-legal reasons.  Therefore, if you think you are in labor and you have no available private transportation, please call 911.  Dr. Chambers shall provide a female chaperone during all examinations as is done in the office.
  • Communication Enhancements: Program patients will be able to electronically communicate with Dr. Chambers via cellular phone which includes phone calls, SMS (text) communications as well as FaceTime or Skype.
  • Extended Patient Appointments: Reasonable extended appointments for evening and weekends may be arranged for VIP Access Program patients.

How does one become a member in this VIP Access Membership Program?

There is an annual membership fee to join this voluntary program.  Note that this annual fee only covers the enhanced access that you will have to Dr. Chambers.  Your health insurance (or you, if you are a cash-pay patient) will be charged for any obstetrical and/or gynecological or medical care provided pursuant to the rules and regulations of your insurance company.  Please call 702-463-0800 if you are interested and for further details.