Sexual Health Medicine

Dr. George Chambers is the first and only board certified obstetrician and gynecologist in Nevada who is also a certified sexual health clinician. As a certified sexual health clinician, Dr. Chambers is able to:

1. Address hormonal regulation of female sex drive (libido) and orgasm.
2. Address causes of female painful sex disorders (dyspareunia).
3. Perform diagnostic evaluations on women with sexual dysfunction.
4. Provide medical and surgical treatments for female sexual dysfunction.
5. Educate women about ways to enhance their sexual pleasure.

Sex, Sexuality and Sexual Dysfunction

Good sexual health starts with having good general heath, good self-esteem and a good attitude. Sexuality involves the ability to have erotic experiences.  Healthy sexual behaviour involves more than just intercourse. It ranges from pleasurable activities, such as holding hands to the most intimate of acts, oral sex, and more between consenting adults.

We have progressed from a sexually inhibited society to one that is inundated with sex. Yet despite the importance that sex plays in our lives, not everyone is sexually satisfied. According to a 1999 JAMA study, 43% of women reported having sexual dysfunction.  Sexual dysfunction may be lifelong, acquired, situational or generalized.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, DSM 5, female sexual disorder includes: (1) female orgasmic disorder, (2) female sexual interest/arousal disorder as well as (3) genito-pelvic pain/penetration disorder. Symptoms must be present for a minimum of six months and must not be explained by any other nonsexual, medication or medical condition.

There is also a rare sexual dysfunction known as persistent genital arousal disorder. It involves excessive genital arousal and engorgement in the absence of sexual interest. It may lead to compulsive masturbation in which one masturbates not because one likes it but because one cannot help it. Usually the arousal does not resolve with orgasm.

What Should You Expect During Your First Consultation?

  • A thorough history and physical examination, including pelvic examination.
  • Possible vulvoscopy (examination of your vulva with an instrument that magnifies the area for better visualization) to make sure that there are no skin problems.
  • Possible need for blood work to check your sex hormone levels.
  • Possible vaginal and/or cervical cultures to evaluate for infection.
  • Counseling as indicated.
  • Follow up appointment(s).
Note: The services provided in the Sexual Health Medicine and Female Genital Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery programs are done on a fee-for-service (cash) basis. This fee-for-service policy allows access to these programs to all women as well as allows the proper evaluation and treatment without delay.