Female Genital Plastic / Cosmetic Surgery

WARNING: The contents of this page include a frank discussion and graphic medical photographs of the female genital organs. Topics discussed include Clitoral Hood Reduction, Labiaplasty, Vaginoplasty, and Perineoplasty. Please be mindful of your environment prior to proceeding. If you are under the age of 18, please leave this page.

Female Genital Plastic / Cosmetic Surgery / Labiaplasty As a women’s health advocate, Dr. Chambers decided to formally expand his services to include female genital plastic/cosmetic surgery, also known as, aesthetic vulvo-vaginal surgery.  Dr. Chambers has excellent knowledge of the female pelvic anatomy as a board certified obstetrician and gynecologist.  Over the past decade, he has performed labial and vulvo-vaginal rejuvenation procedures on his patients who presented to him with difficulties resulting from obstetrical and non-obstetrical trauma.

As a gynecological surgeon, Dr. Chambers believes in continuing medical education to maintain the quality surgical care that he provides to his patients.  To accomplish this goal, he joined the National Society of Cosmetic Physicians.  Dr. Chambers has attended educational symposiums as a member of this organization.  He has also completed a female genital plastic/cosmetic surgery masters course.

The external female genitalia (also known as the vulva) includes, the mons pubis, clitoral hood, clitoris, urethral opening, vaginal opening, two labia minora, two labia majora and various glands that help to produce lubrication during sexual excitement.

Studies have shown that some women’s self-esteem and sexuality are related to their feelings about their genital appearance. Some women have had lifelong-emotional anguish with the belief that they look different from other women. There are normal variations in the size of the labia minora and labia majora. Those women who have extremely large or long labia now have options. Women voluntarily seek out female genital plastic surgery for cosmetic, emotional, functional as well as health and hygiene reasons.

Which women seek genital plastic/cosmetic surgeries?

  • Athletes, such as swimmers or cyclists.
  • Those who have pain in their labia from horseback riding, riding a bicycle or motor bike.
  • Those who report having labia minora that are so long that they cause a hygienic problem by trapping moisture and odor.
  • Those who are embarrassed to let their sexual partners see their nude genitals because they believe that their labia minora are too large.
  • Those who have pain from the pulling in and out of their labia minora during sexual intercourse.
  • Those who have to manually part their labia minora to allow penetration during sex.
  • Those whose labia minora get swollen from the friction of sex.
  • Those who are embarrassed to wear swim suits because of the bulge from their labia.
  • Those whose labia fall out of thongs.
  • Those who are embarrassed by the “camel toe” appearance of their vulva.
  • Those who have pain in their labia when they wear tight pants.
  • Those who have uneven labia minora.
  • Those who believe that their labia minora got larger or longer after childbirth.
  • Those who have had external genital trauma to their labia.

The goals of these procedures are to enhance self esteem, to relieve pain, to repair genital trauma, and in some cases, to enhance sexual pleasure.

These surgical procedures include:

Clitoral Hood Reduction

  • This procedure is a removal of the extra skin of the clitoral hood resulting in a more exposed clitoris in women who have excessive clitoral hoods. This surgery is not only aesthetically-pleasing, but it may also enhance sexual pleasure in women who have normal sexual response.
    • Clitoral hood reduction may be cosmetic, but it is not guaranteed to result in orgasms for the 10 to 15% of women who have never had an orgasm. It is also not guaranteed to result in orgasms for women who are orgasmic during oral sex or masturbation, but not during intercourse (vaginal penetration by a penis). For these women, other “bridging” non-surgical techniques can be used.


  • This procedure is also known as labia reduction surgery.  It will reduce and produce a more symmetrical appearance of the labia.
    • Dr. Chambers uses two techniques in labia minora reduction surgery (labiaplasty):
      • The v-wedge resection procedure if the patient desires to maintain the normal colour and contour of her labia minora.
      • The sculpted linear resection procedure if she wants to remove the darker outer edges of her lips.
  • For the labia majora, an elliptical incision is made to remove the inner portion of the labia majora with the incision line hidden at the border with the labia minora.


  • This procedure is also known as vaginal rejuvenation. Vaginal rejuvenation is for a woman who believes that her vagina has gotten loose and/or is gaping after childbirth.  Vaginal rejuvenation will help her regain a tighter sensation so she can grip her partner’s penis during sex. A stronger vaginal grip serves to enhance pleasure for both individuals.


  • This procedure will remove excess skin or revise a prior episiotomy scar. It also recreates the natural 90-degree angle between the vaginal opening and the perineum (the space between the vagina and the anus) by re-approximating the muscles of the perineum.  A strong perineum will support the penis during sex and enhance pleasure for both individuals.

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Why choose Dr. George Chambers for your labial and vaginal plastic/cosmetic surgery?

As a gynecological surgeon, Dr. Chambers is a skilled technician who sought specialized training in this new surgical field.  Please call 702.463.0800 to schedule a consultation with Dr. George Chambers.

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Note: The services provided in the Sexual Health Medicine and Female Genital Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery programs are done on a fee-for-service (cash) basis. This fee-for-service policy allows access to these programs to all women as well as allows the proper evaluation and treatment without delay.