Chambers & Associates OBGYN and Gynecological Surgery, PLLC was founded to provide the same competent, compassionate, reliable, safe and evidence-based care that we would want for members of our own families. The founder and medical director, Dr. George P. Chambers, Jr., practices the full scope of general obstetrics and gynecology. He also offers labiaplasty and vaginal rejuvenation. Furthermore, he is the only board certified obstetrician and gynecologist in Nevada who is also certified in sexual health medicine.

As a gynecological surgeon who was raised and positively influenced by women, Dr. Chambers recognizes that all women want to look and feel beautiful. So, he offers minimally invasive gynecological surgeries, such as Essure tubal sterilization (with no surgical scar), single-port laparoscopic tubal sterilization with the Filshie clip, laparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy, vaginal hysterectomy and cosmetically-pleasing Cesarean section incisions. When appropriate, his primary Cesarean section incisions are made below the pubic hairline and are closed normally with sutures, not staples. Dr. Chambers does not practice assembly-line medicine, he actually sits, listens to and hears his patients.