Our Patients’ Opinions


Janet C.


Dr. Chambers is the best OBGYN you will find in Las Vegas. He is very knowledgable and very respectful. What a smart Practitioner he time is very valuable, he will spend as much time as needed until you fully understand whats needed at that time. You will have to wait sometimes so pack your patiences he is worth the wait. I know what your thinking my time is valuable also we our time is but if you want the best he is the doctor for you. Also have to talk about his ladies (staff) he expect the best because he gives the best. They are very nice.


Marie G.


"Dr chambers is by far the best doctor in town! He has delivered both my kids via c section! I had some complications (just pains) w my son on Christmas Eve at 8pm called most drs would have said to go to the ER. Not dr chambers! he opened up his practice to give me an ultrasound that night! Being pregnant with my first I must have called him a million times late at night he always answered and called me the next day to make sure I was ok! Going into my c section the second time I was so scared for the surgery for some reason.. Dr chambers was there and talked me through it helped ease my anxiety ! After having my second child... 1 month post c section my father became very I'll and I needed to leave the country to see him... During my time away I had a little problem prob due to lifting more than I should've. Probably from trying to help my dad and I sent dr chambers pictures and he advised me what to do and advised me to seek a dr where I was to help with his instructions. Through out the years dr chambers has been the most amazing dr and I couldn't even imagine having a different dr! Don't you ever retire dr chambers haha! Thanks for all that you've done! You can telll you truly care about your patients and their little ones!"


Marissa S.


"Dr. Chambers is personable and professional. My quest to find an OB-GYN is finally over! He's great at explaining things in a way I can understand (no medical/big words/mumbo jumbo). He put me on Clomid to help me get pregnant... although that did not work for me and my husband, I will still be using him for my OB-GYN needs. He does not rush the appointment at all, and wants you to make sure you understand everything before you walk out the door. I really like that about him. His staff is very helpful and friendly as well. Although there is a short wait before seeing him, it's not as bad as some of the other offices I've visited in the past. He is worth the wait!"


Eliza D.


"Dr. Chambers and his staff are absolutely wonderful. Everything I would expect in a great doctor is here, and then some! In my many visits I've had only to wait once and that was because he was rushing to the hospital for a delivery. And I was GLAD to wait knowing that Dr. Chambers was helping someone who needed him right then and there. That, his professional and respectful manner during exams, his thoroughness and efficiency in getting results back to you ASAP, and his general caring and informative demeanor earned my immediate and long lasting trust. Thanks to him and his staff, a thousand fold."


Julie P.


"Look, I get that everyone has different expectations and needs when it comes to doctors, and that's fine. I know some people aren't as patient as others, and maybe I'm more laid back than some people who have been here and didn't like the service. But I can say, without a doubt, this is the best doctor that I've ever been to. I will make this simple. I felt respected at all times, I felt appreciated at all times. I feel like I was spoken to like an intelligent person. I was given all the information I needed to make the decisions I needed to make. My little girl and I were absolutely taken care of by Dr. Chambers. We had a perfect pregnancy until about a month before the due date. Everything went wrong, and Dr. Chambers handled it wonderfully. I literally put my life and my daughter's life into his hands, and he did not disappoint. I had NONE of my plans go the way I wanted to, but Dr. Chambers helped me have the very best delivery possible. I would recommend him to any of my friends."

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